Join me this August 2016 in Ireland...

Ireland Workshop Descriptions

JACQUELINE KOLOSOV’S IRELAND WORKSHOPS: Both workshops will be held at Anam Cara Writer’s & Artist's Retreat Center Situated high on a hillside between Coulagh Bay and Mishkish mountaint on the Kealincha River, Anam Cara is a tranquil spot set apart to nurture and to provide sanctuary for novice as well as experienced people working in the creative arts. An all-inclusive residential retreat, Anam Cara offers private and common working rooms and five acres of walking paths, quiet nooks and crannies, and gardens.

Voice-Driven and Urgent: Contemporary Young Adult Fiction: August 16-22: Total Cost of Workshop Including Lodging and Meals at Anam Cara: $1200

Meeting Time: 10 AM to 1 PM: In this workshop, we will focus on the facets of crafting a successful YA novel. Prior to the workshop, I will ask you to read 2 YA novels. The first will be Rainbow Rowell’s Eleanor & Park. The second novel will be determined by participants’ interests (historical fiction, fantasy, etc). Throughout the week, we will focus on craft matters including character development, dialogue, scene, setting (as character) and voice—HERE we will specifically refer to the 2 assigned YA novels that you will read before the workshop begins. We will simultaneously workshop a chapter of each participant’s novel-in-progress. A typical day will therefore involve 80 minutes of craft/novel discussion and 80 minutes of workshop with a 15 minute break. Therefore, each participant will submit his/her chapter (up to 25 typescript, double-spaced pages) by July 15. We will critique each writer’s work-in-progress with the aim of finding the most powerful way to tell his/her story. Writers interested in working with me on a longer critique are invited to do so. Individual consultation could focus on outlining, revision, and other concerns. We will dedicate 90 minutes on the last day to discussion of the publishing market for this genre along with strategies for placing one’s work. There will be 1 day off for exploration/rejuvenation in the middle of the week.


Understanding and Beginning Your Memoir: August 16-22: Total Cost of Workshop Including Lodging and Meals at Anam Cara: $1200

Meeting Time: 2:00-4:45 pm: Unlike the more formal autobiography which strives to cover an entire life, and to bring a sense of “closure” to that life, memoir is a window into a particular period of life. In this intensive workshop, we will look at your own memoir (in progress or in embryo), whether it be a book-length narrative, a collection of linked essays, or an individual personal essay. Prior to the workshop, I will assign 2 memoirs for you to read before our start date. One may be Ann Hood’s Comfort, though the choice of material will be determined by participants’ interests. I will also assign 3-4 personal essays prior to our beginning. We will use these texts as ways into discussion of establishing a convincing narrative voice on the page. Central to this discussion will be the integration of the voice of innocence and the voice of experience. The voice of innocence is the person undergoing the events being narrated and/or dramatized. The voice of experience brings perspective to the events. Every memoir finds its own balance between these two. Alongside the memoir readings, I will give you several craft readings as well as exercises throughout the week. One month prior to the workshop, each participant will submit 10-20 pages of memoir to be critiqued by the group. Or, an individual can present snapshots (scenes, a mocked-up outline). On the last day, we will discuss publishing individual essays as well as book-length projects. I will be also available for individual consultations. A typical session will therefore be divided between discussion of craft/assigned reading and workshop. There will be 1 day off for exploration/rejuvenation in the middle of the week.

*Special Price for Both Workshops Including Tuition, Lodging and Meals $1500

Book Signing for ALONG THE WAY AT TLA

I will be signing copies of ALONG THE WAY at the Texas Library Association's Annual Conference on April 16th from 1-2  pm at IPG's table in the vast convention hall--hope to see you there!

Online Interview with Free Giveaway and Lots of Delicious Talk about Paris....

I had the pleasure of being interviewed re. Paris, Modigliani & Me and Along the Way on March 24. If you're interested in Paris (including its food), art (especially Modigliani), and what I hope is an engaging conversation, please read!

Reading at Texas Tech University

I will read from ALONG THE WAY, which comes out on April 1, on Thursday April 23 at 7:30 pm in Room 001 of the English & Philosophy Buidling To reach the building, turn into the Tech campus from 19th St onto Flint (stop light). Proceed down Flint and at the second stoplight turn RIGHT. The English & Philosophy Building is on the right--it's the second building. You can't miss it. You can park in that main lot or across the street in visitor parking. The event is free and open to the public and to teens and children. Books will be for sale. Hope to see you there.Love